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“Had a blast tonight – I feel you guys are such inspiration to all the people out there. Congratulations on the fantastic display of versatility and range of music Malaysia can truly offer”


~ Esmael Yahya, Audience, 2011.

Rhythm in Bronze - About Us

Wujud Antara: Corak Air (Excerpt)

Composer: Teuku Umar

Arus Gangsa: Kama (Excerpt) 

Devise piece composers: Adliah Junid, Teuku Umar and Jillian Ooi

Arus Gangsa: Mantera Nelayan (Excerpt)

Composer: Jillian Ooi

Wujud Antara: Perubahan

Composer: Tan Soo Beng

Arus Gangsa: Return (Excerpt) 

Composer: Adliah Junid

Arus Gangsa: Hakikat Air

Composer: Adrian Lee

Wujud Antara: Malu Malu Kuching

Composer: Jillian Ooi

Borneo World Music Expo: Suntuk Masa featuring Isyam Swardy

Composer: Teuku Umar

Alih Punggong: Lagu Untuk Teman Lama

Composer: Gareth Farr

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