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Collaborations and Special Projects

Constantly exploring through diverse creative collaborations with the Malay Gamelan


Swordfish + Concubine

Rhythm in Bronze provided the live music for the theatre production Swordfish + Concubine,  a story by Kee Thuan Chye

Music Directors : Jillian Ooi & Teuku Umar Ilany

Theatre Director : Kee Thuan Chye


Beyond Gongs - Rhythm in Bronze with Taikuh Jikang

The Beyond Gongs project was a collaboration between Rhythm in Bronze and Taikuh Jikang from Japan, to deepen understanding of both Malaysian and Japanese culture and the evolution of contemporary musical creativity within the region

Artistic & Music Directors: Jillian Ooi  and Kohey Kawamura

Producers:Sharmini Ratnasingam and

Aki Uehara


RiB Composition Workshop #2

Rhythm in Bronze conducted their 2nd music composition workshop, facilitated by Gareth Farr, a composer from New Zealand. New compositions from Rhythm In Bronze members were introduced, refined and presented in a small performance

Artistic & Music Director: Jillian Ooi

Facilitator: Gareth Farr

Executive Producer: Sharmini Ratnasingam


Masterclass with Sanggar Singamurti #2 

Rhythm in Bronze's 2nd masterclass with Sanggar Singamurthi in Gianyar, Bali

Facilitators: Pak Wayan Chitra and Agus Win


Desserts with RiB

“Desserts with RIB" is part of the ensemble’s showcase series which gives the group the opportunity to explore new gamelan works and collaborations in a casual and informal atmosphere.

In this performance, we were privileged to work with thespian Ghafir Akbar and songstress Ida Mariana and Stephanie Van Driesen.

Artistic & Music Director: Jillian Ooi

Producer: Sharmini Ratnasingam


MPO Happy Hour

Rhythm in Bronze 2nd collaboration with a number of musicians from the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, introducing Rhythm in Bronze and its different styles. 

Artistic Director: Sharmini Ratnasingam

Music Director: Ann Salina Peter

Narrator: Grey Yeoh

Producers: Sharmini Ratnasingam & Julie Dessureault



In 2011, the British Council invited The Light Surgeons to create and develop a performance project that would explore the rich cultural landscape of Malaysia.

This new commission brought unique creative processes and artistic direction to new audiences and was a valuable opportunity to produce a new piece of live cinema work in collaboration with a group of leading Malaysian audio and visual artists  

Rhythm In Bronze was one of the collaborators in co-creating the music and soundscape 

RiB Collaborators: Ann Salina Peter, Christine May Yong and Teuku Umar

Producers: Sharmini Ratnasingam & Grey Yeoh


RiB Composition Workshop #1 

With the kind support of HSBC in the Arts & Malaysia Airlines, RiB conducted a music composition workshop. Designed to guide Rhythm in Bronze members in the gamelan composition process, the workshop was facilitated by a well-know gamelan composer, New Zealander Gareth Farr. 

Facilitator: Gareth Farr

Producer: Sharmini Ratnasingam


Masterclass withSanggar Singamurti #1

Rhythm in Bronze members participated in a 3-day masterclass in Gianyar, Bali with the established Balinese gamelan ensemble; Sanggar Singamurthi

Facilitators: Pak Wayan Chitra and Agus Win


MPO MID-WEEK JAM: A Gamelan Discovery

Rhythm in Bronze collaborated with a number of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra musicians, introducing the mystical Malay gamelan instruments in a story form

Artistic Director: Sharmini Ratnasingam

Music Directors: Seow Lai Fong & Ann Salina Peter


Sultan of Kedah’s 50th Sovereignty Anniversary

The Kedah Royal family had invited Rhythm in Bronze to perform at the Sultan of Kedah’s 50th anniversary of his sovereignty. Susan Sarah John, who is Rhythm in Bronze’s Music Director and also a Kedah native, was specially commissioned by Sultan of Kedah’s daughter to compose a song for her dad.

Music Director: Susan Sarah John  

Producer : Sharmini Ratnasingam


Buka Panggung - Tejasuara

Blessing ceremony of Rhythm in Bronze’s very own gamelan set, named Tejasuara (“radiant sound”), sponsored by HSBC in their support of the arts

Music Director: Jillian Ooi

Producer: Sharmini Ratnasingam


UTIH – Celebrating Krishen

A ‘wayang kulit’ tribute with a twist to the late Dato’ Krishen Jit, who had been instrumental in guiding Rhythm in Bronze’s journey

Artistic & Music Director: Jillian Ooi


Rhythm in Bronze with The Australian Song Company

Rhythm in Bronze collaborated with Australia’s The Song Company, combining gamelan and voice -and  exchanging ideas and expertise. Gamelan Composer, New Zealander Gareth Farr was commissioned to compose Lagu Untuk Teman Baru (A Song for a New Friend) which featured gamelan with 4 voices

Song Company Artistic Director: Roland Peelman

RiB Music Directors: Sunetra Fernando & Jillian Ooi

Executive Producer: Marion D’Cruz


Kuala Lumpur BBC Proms Festival 

Sunetra Fernando was commissioned by the Malaysian Philharmonic to compose Wayang, to be performed in a collaboration between the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Rhythm in Bronze and the PETRONAS Performing Arts Group, directed by MPO Associate Conductor Kevin Field.

Music Director: Sunetra Fernando 

Producer: Five Arts


Rhythm In Bronze CD

The Rhythm In Bronze CD project is the first recording of contemporary Malaysian gamelan music featuring original compositions by local composers like Sunetra Fernando, Michael Veerapen, Tan Sooi Beng Suhaimi Mohd Zain, Wayan I Rajeg, alongside a traditional Malayand Javanese repertoire specially adapted for the Malaysian gamelan. The CD incorporates different instruments like vocals, electric guitars, the Kelantanese rebab and Chinese shigu drums amongst others into the traditional gamelan repertoire​

Artistic & Music Director: Sunetra Fernando

Producer: Marion D’Cruz

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