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Gamelan Theatre ©  

A musical journey where gamelan meets theatre celebrating the melodic Malay gamelan with a contemporary twist!


Arus Gangsa

Arus Gangsa was a musical journey where gamelan meets theatre celebrating the melodic Malay gamelan with a contemporary twist!

Using water as a starting theme, this production featured exciting new compositions telling stories of love, surrender and retribution.

​Our composers delved into the connections between the acoustic qualities of the gamelan with the realm of Water and showcased the capacity of these ancient instruments for telling contemporary musical stories that are as nuanced, multifaceted and dynamic as the Water element. 

The production won Best Production Value at the 2015 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards

Directors : Loh Kok Man & Jillian Ooi

Artistic & Music Director: Jillian Ooi

Executive Producer: Sharmini Ratnasingam


MaYa: Gong Illusions

MaYa: Gong Illusions marked Rhythm in Bronze’s massive collaborative efforts with some of Malaysia’s most talented artists. With choreographer Joseph Gonzales as its artistic director, this production featured singer-songwriter Reza Salleh, bassist Zailan Razak, gambus player Khazrin Yani and the award-winning Batteryheadz Percussion.


The production won Best Production Value at the 2012 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards

Artistic Director: Joseph Gonzales

Music Director: Ann Salina Peter & Seow Lai Fong

Producer: Sharmini Ratnasingam


Hari Jadi

2009 saw Rhythm in Bronze reaching a new milestone. It celebrated its 12th ‘birthday bash’ by mounting a Gamelan Theatre concert titled “Hari Jadi” (“birthday” in Malay). The concept of the performance was based on the group’s musical journey, drawing from songs and pieces that hold a special significance in its history and development.

Artistic Director: Edwin Sumun

Music Director: Susan Sarah John & Seow Lai Fong 

Producer: Sharmini Ratnasingam


Alih Punggong

The group’s 2007 concert, Alih Punggong, continued the exploration of the gamelan theatre genre, using the element of “extra turns” in bangsawan (Malay opera) theatre for inspiration. The music was woven together with short theatrical pieces and movement. 


The highly successful production earned the group four awards from the music category at the 6th Annual BOH Cameronian Arts Award; Best Group performance – Instrumental, Best Musical Direction (Jillian Ooi and Susan Sarah John), Best Original Composition – Runtuh (Jillian Ooi) and Best Production Value.


Music Director: Jillian Ooi and Susan Sarah John

Director: Namron and Loh Kok Man 

Producer: Marion D’Cruz


Monkey Business

Gamelan theatre” was born

Monkey Business was the first step towards music theatre showcasing the musicians as central and creative performers, involved in acting, movement and solo performance.


Director: Krishen Jit

Artistic & Music Directors: Sunetra Fernando & Jillian Ooi

Choreography : Judimar Hernandez

Executive Producers: Marion D’Cruz & Faridah Merican

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