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Jillian Ooi

Artistic & Music Director/ Performer

Jillian's interest in Malay gamelan began in 1995 when she inadvertently  sat in on a Gamelan Club rehearsal and was forced to play along. She went on to become Co-Music Director for Rhythm in Bronze  with Sunetra Fernando in 2001 and Artistic Director in 2006. She is especially interested in developing non-traditional ways of performing on the Malay gamelan while respecting its lyrical qualities. She has won national arts awards for music direction and compositiion. 


When not playing music, Jillian is an academic at the University of Malaya where she teaches Geography and Environmental Studies. She has a PhD in seagrass biogeography from the University of Western Australia and considers the ocean her main source of he musical inspiration.

Sharmini Ratnasingam

Executive Producer / Performer

Sharm has been with Rhythm in Bronze since 1997 and discovered the gamelan at her workplace after hearing the mesmerizing sound of the gong agong. She was a founding member with Gamelan Club in 1995 and Rhythm In Bronze since 1997 under Sunetra Fernando. She has been producing for Rhythm in Bronze since 2007.

Sharm has been working with Malaysia Airlines for 29 years and is currently a Senior Manager for Culture & Engagement. Being in two worlds - corporate and performing arts; demands completely different mindset and discipline. This allowed Sharm the flexibility to intertwine both worlds by giving her the space to explore and practice her creativity and leadership muscles. 

Teuku Umar

Resident Composer / Performer

Umar breathes and lives gamelan and has been exposed to the traditional performing arts from a very young age.  He has been with Rhythm in Bronze since 2008 and is our resident composer.

He works as a Lecturer/ Officer with the Centre for Traditional Performing Arts (PuTRA) of ASWARA.

Etty Yahaya

Coordinator / Performer

Etty discovered gamelan while at university, and after watching a Rhythm in Bronze performance came in as a student. She has been with Rhythm in Bronze since 2011 and helps with coordinating the ensemble and logistics.

In her day job, Etty is sub-editor for a domestic credit rating institution.

Adilah Junid

Core member

A lawyer by training with a penchant for gamelan, she started gamelan with the Gamelan Club in 2000 and first played with Rhythm in Bronze in 2004. Apart from performing, Adilah also composes for Rhythm in Bronze.

Adilah works in regulatory affairs for a digital services at a regional telecommunications group.

Colleen Wong

Core member

Colleen has been with Rhythm in Bronze since 1998 and was greatly influenced by the sound of the gamelan while studying under Sunetra Fernando at Akademi Seni Kebangsaan.

She is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Music & Performing Arts, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

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