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Seruan Setu

An immersive music experience like no other.

We believe that music can be an incredible tool for creating awareness of the issues faced by our planet.

Our performance is a celebration of the beauty of the Malaysian seagrass, and an exploration of how we can come together to protect it.


Join us this August, and be part of this extraordinary journey.

Seruan Setu - The Secret Gardens of the Sea

Imagine stepping into a performance space and finding yourself in the heart of Malaysia's beautiful but endangered seagrass ecosystems. "Seruan Setu - The Secret Gardens of the Sea" takes you on this transformative journey, featuring the rich and evocative sounds of a contemporary gamelan ensemble.


But this is more than a musical performance — it's a call to nature, an ode to the underwater meadows that breathe life into our oceans and support local communities.


Every note, rhythm and melody in "Seruan Setu" tells a story about these living seagrass ecosystems and the people who depend on them. As the music swells, you're drawn into stories about the hidden charisma of the sea and its importance to our shared existence.


This isn’t just a musical spectacle — it's a space that sparks curiosity, encourages conversation and inspires action to preserve these ecosystems.


In the end, you'll not just be a passive audience, but part of the dialogue about the environment, part of the solution.

About Rhythm in Bronze

Have you ever encountered a gamelan ensemble rocking the traditional instruments, transforming ancient sounds into contemporary melodies and telling a bigger story about our planet in the process? If not, let me introduce you to Rhythm in Bronze (RiB).


RiB is more than a gamelan group; it's a creative force dedicated to connecting environmental issues and performing arts. Since its inspiring beginnings in 1997, RiB has crossed boundaries and connected the worlds of social commentary and performing arts in a way that no one else has.


Rhythm in Bronze is all about innovation, collaboration and creation. In this production, they bring together talented artists, passionate environmentalists and dedicated community members to bring you performances that are as thought-provoking as they're captivating. It's not just about playing beautiful music, but also about sounding the alarm on critical environmental issues in a way that touches us all deeply.


And that is exactly the magic of Rhythm in Bronze. They know the stories that need to be told, and they know how to tell them in a way that makes us inspired, engaged and ready to make a difference.

Seruan Setu

Ticketing details

So if you're ready to experience a concert that will move your feet, touch your heart and stir your soul, while making an important statement about our world. Rhythm in Bronze is ready to welcome you on this journey. 

Seruan Setu – The Secret Gardens of the Sea

Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

Date: 24–27/08/2023

Time: 8:30PM, 3:00PM



RM 80

Concession Tickets

Students/ Senior Citizens/Disabled



Group Promotion

(Minimum 5pax)

10% off normal-priced and concession tickets

                                      Promocode: SEAGRASS


A big thank you to our supporters:

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After the Encore: Unwind with 'Secret Gardens of the Sea Conference

Have you ever thought about the harmony between art and our precious environment? Join us for the "Secret Gardens of the Sea Conference", a lively continuation of the enchanting melodies and narratives of our "Seruan Setu" concert.


This isn't your typical conference; we weave music, theatre and deep-sea passion into an unforgettable tapestry.


When you join us, you're not only enjoying art, — you're also amplifying the voices advocating for Malaysia's fragile seagrass ecosystems.


And here's another perk: every "Seruan Setu" ticket holder attends the conference for free!


Ready to join in?

  • Secure your place by pre-registering(Link – conference registration).

  • Have your "Seruan Setu" concert ticket ready when you come.

  • Don't have a ticket yet? Walk-ins are welcome, but first come, first served.

  • Support innovation by backing a unique blend of arts and marine conservation, highlighting seagrass challenges.

  • Engage in rich conversations among artists, conservationists, and scientists. Dive into the stories and strategies behind "Seruan Setu."

  • Amplify the urgency of seagrass conservation to reach more people.

  • And by supporting such platforms, carve a path for a lasting, sustainable marine future.

Why the conference matters 


Glimpse of the Preparation

Get a sneak peek into how we're getting ready for our August performance. You're in for an exciting experience, as we bring together talents from theater, music, science, and technology to create something truly captivating.

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